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Dining With Denise Neil

Wichita’s new Chicken N Pickle is half open as of today

Half of Wichita’s new Chicken N Pickle is open as of today.

The pickle half.

Owners said in November that it was going to take them longer to get the restaurant finished than the pickleball courts, which will be a big draw for the new business going up at 1240 N. Greenwich — at the Plazzio just behind Sumo. The restaurant likely won’t be ready to open until February, but people can start trying out pickleball now.

The indoor courts are now open, and people can book a courts seven days a week. The fee is $20 an hour from 8 to 5 p.m. on weekdays and $40 and hour after 5 p.m. and on weekends. To book a court, people should follow this link.

Chicken N Pickle is an 8,000-square-foot-entertainment complex designed to hold both a chicken restaurant and pickleball courts both inside and outside.

Pickleball, for the uninitiated, is sort of like badminton meets tennis, and two, three or four players use paddles to hit a ball that looks like a Wiffle ball over a net.

The first Chicken N Pickle opened in Kansas City in 2016, and Wichita’s will be the second location before the company expands into other markets.

Once open, the restaurant will serve rotisserie chicken dishes made using locally sourced Amish chicken. The Kansas City restaurant’s menu lists rotisserie chicken dinners available with four different spices plus smoked wings, pulled pork, burnt end sandwiches, wings and salads. There’s also something called a a pickled chicken sandwich, made with pickle-brined chicken breast.

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