Awww! See what pops out of the trunk of this tree

Watch as a litter of kittens pop out of the hollow trunk of one of the live oaks on Washington Avenue in downtown Ocean Springs, Mississippi. (Amanda McCoy/Sun Herald)
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Watch as a litter of kittens pop out of the hollow trunk of one of the live oaks on Washington Avenue in downtown Ocean Springs, Mississippi. (Amanda McCoy/Sun Herald)


Here kitty, kitty, kitty: some of Wichita’s favorite cat names

By Beccy Tanner

October 30, 2017 06:30 AM

Wichita, you crazy cat town.

Some of you love cats. You name them quirky, fun names – or use no creativity at all.

Unlike for dogs, there is no large license database that tells us what we all name our cats. So we asked the Cat Hospital of Wichita for some suggestions.

They have more than 14,000 cat names on file.

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We took a look.

Some cat people rely on their own ancestry to name their pets.

Peggy Frost grew up by Lindsborg, of Swedish heritage. she has named her three Burmese cats … well, Willie, the Wildcat because she and her husband, Bruce, are fans of K-State, and then Lars Dristig, Terrible Viking and Thor, the Viking God of Thunder.

“Both my husband and I grew up near Lindsborg so Scandinavian names come natural for us,” Frost said. “I knew I wanted to name one of the cats ‘Lars’ after one of my ancestors.”

And Willie, the Wildcat?

“He was accurately named,” Frost said. “He was a wild child.”

Kay Drennen named her kitty Sineup. It is Danish for mustard.

“She is kind of sassy but she’s a tortie tabby with yellows, browns and reds.”

The cat before Sineup was named Stab Hasse, which loosely interpreted means Dust Bunny.

“She was a Siamese with tortoiseshell points and she always looked like she had crawled out from underneath the bed covered in cobwebs,” Drennen said.

Cats are named in a variety of ways – based on our interests, our taste in movies, literature, foods and beliefs. Some are named because we are history buffs, or want to remember our favorite locations, or play off the colors of our cats.

Let us know your own ideas for cat names. Send an email to

Until then, here is a sampling of what we found:

Athletic names: Ninja, Archer.

Biblical names: Elijah, Abraham, Moses, Matthew, Luke, Noah, Goliath, Samson and Ishmael.

Color names Midnight, Snowflake, Copper Penny, Blizzard, Shadow, Blackie, Patches, Amber, Smokey, Snowball, Whitey, Rusty, Spot, Frosty, Inca, Smudge, Peach, Sunny, Whiteface, Ebony, Inkspot, Bianca, Obsidian and Whitey.

Names we expect: Garfield, Boots, Toonces, Callie, Simon, Mittens, Kitty, Miss Kitty, Tom, and Tiger.

Stranger names: Ipheigina (Iffy), Kitty Wumpus, Bittlesworth, The Mask, Fuzzy, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Itty bitty, Dada Lion, Him Kitty Whiskers, Mr. Cheeks and Kerfuffles.

Political names: Vladimir, Tip O’Neil, and Ronald.

Historical names: Maximus, Socrates, Harlow, Garbo, Amelia, Catherine the Great, Wolfgang, Brewster, Winston, Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Napoleon, Monet, Churchill, Darwin, Brutus, Henry, Richard, Socrates, Truman, Teddy Roosevelt, Murdock, Marco, Mozart, Cody, Atilla, Ansel, Xia, Eleanor, Lincoln, Caesar, Marco Polo, Ike, Dolly Madison, Einstein, Jesse James, Beethoven, Ferdinand, Malcom, Bishop Tutu, King Tut, Mona Lisa, Leonardo, and Franklin.

Winnie the Pooh names: Tigger, Bear and Piglet,

Beauty pageant name: Miss Texas.

Celebrity names: Bruno, Cher, Redford, Demi, Picasso, Rocky, Carly, Leo, Delliah, Marley, Gigi, Gred, Ginger, Vince, Jude, Hendrix, G. Gordon Kitty, George, Elton, Hepburn, Clooney, Coco Chanel, Mrs. Taylor, Tink, Gregory, Sinatra, Miles Davis, Mercedes, Ebert, Siskel, Morocka, Goldie, Ringo, Cassious, Olivia, Arlo, Crosby, Elvis, Audrey Hepburn, Bogey, Charlie Chaplin, Diamond Joe, Zsa Zsa, Stevie Ray, Satchmo, Miss Dolly and Jackie Chan.

Military or gun-related theme names: Sarge, Trooper, Captain, Pistol, Bullet, Schwartzkof, Lieutenant Dan, Norman, General, Remington, Sherman, Sailor, Ranger, Trooper, Soldier and Tank.

Utilitarian names: Dinner, Simba, Professor, Cool-e-o, Kitten, Kitty Kat, Laptop, Lunchbox, Kit, Boots, Skittles, Stray, Nibbler, Buddy, Friskers, Sox, Pussy Kat, Puffy, Hunter, Stripey, Big Fluffy, Fuzz, Mr. Kitty, Digit, Lucky, Cat, Sprocket, Newby, Critter, Pouncer, Mittens, Sleepy, Snuggles, Puma, Biggins, Happy, Minion, Whiskers, Poet, Girl, Frisky, Roamer, Turbo, Tuxedo, Spoiled Brat, Rif-Raf, Ferals, Scruffy, Ka-Ching and El Gato.

Geographical names: Dallas, Hutch, Lexington, Mr. Kansas, Houston, Memphis, Aspen, Riley, Chernobyl, Alabama, Montana, Trego, London, Newton, D.C., Sterling, Savannah, Paris, Okie, Aleyska, Zena, Fargo, Madison, Arizona, Vegas, Euphrades, Salem, Prairie, Pittsburg, Madison, Dakota, Jackson, America, Bermuda, Kansas, Pompeii, Lucas, Phoenix, Georgia, Augusta, D.C., California “Cali,” Malibu, Ahm Shere, Jersey, Sierra, Washington, Boston, Siberia, and Havana.

Magical or mystical names: Merlin, Shaboom, Houdini, Galahad, Angel, Magic, Star, Shalimar, Wizard, Mystery, Pearl, Pandora, Mojo, Mystique and Morgan Le Fey.

TV, Movie names, cartoons, computer games and other characters: E.T., Miss Piggy and Kermit, Starsky, Betty Boop, Phantom, Hobbs, Yoda, Mary Kate and Ashley, Quincy, Ozzy, Rocky, Thelma, Princess Leia, Radar, Batman, Paddington, Milo, Mr. Mulder, Loki, Harry Pawter, Ersula, Morris, Cotter, Gretel, Elmo, Fiona, Eggbert, Dora, Ziggy, Sylvester, Willow, Simba, Rocky, Stitch, John Boy, Cinderella, Felix, Mr. Bigglesworth, Piroschka, Vader, Alice Cooper, Monk, Groucho, Danger Bob, Snoopy, Guenhwyvar, Arthas, Mr. Peabody, Chewie, Bruce Wayne, Jack Sparrow, Magoo, Sheldon, Waldo, Laurel, Hardy, Leia, Beetlejuice, PeppermintPatty, Mr. Gump, Agent Jack Bauer, Smokey, Bandit, Fat Albert and Sugar Foot.

Names we just don’t know why: Chosen, Sassy Pants, Crusty, Lord Fluffer Pfouse, Mr. WiggleBottom, Scuzzlebutt, Yum-Yum, Lunar, B.C. Basic Cat, Spuddy, Ruben Foggy Bottom, Chettah Bonita, Marbles, Fossil, Little Dude, Tanner, Stimpy, Rain, Moo Moo, Mr. Bently, Bootsie Woo, Monkey, Mr. Giggles, Misc., Penguin, Panda, Skitzy Kitzy, Parking Lot, Tomorrow, Steel, Dipstick, Q-Tip , Boobey Toobey, Target and Cyanide.

Get Even Names: Karma, Scratchy, Velcro, Sassy, Spinner, Tipsy, Cash, Bowzer, Meeowme, Catzilla, Rascal, Vicious, Le Peu, Ambush, Banji, Ditto, Dawg, Coyote, Pelican, Nose, Talker, Chaos, Shoo Shoo, Dharma, Amuck and Psycho.

Song names: Mr. Bo Jangles, Jellicle and Major Tom.

Sexy names: Mr. Macho, Big Boy, Tango, Fabian, Cougar, Long Tom, Mr. Big, Dr. Love, Stud Muffin and Boy Toy.

Greek Names: Zeus, Pharaoh, Apollo, Poseidon, Artemis, Hercules, Jupiter, Sappho, Apollo, Athena, Orion, Thor, Persephone and Pandora.

Hindu Name: Lakshmi.

Literature names: Ashley Wilkes, Tin Man, Scout, Rip Van Winkle, Frodo, Beatrix Potter, Mr. Darcy, Boots, Little Britches, Jane Austin, Drogo, Haiku, Jeckyl, Pippin, Pippi, Pyowacket, Dickens, Mowgli, Miss Scarlet, Frankenstein, Hemingway, Huck, Seuss, Shakespeare, Gatsby, Zelda, Edgar, Atticus and Poe.

Sports names: Willie the Wildcat, Dodger, Ty, Cowboy, Thunder, Yogi, Football, Royal, Chief, Dodger, Homer, Hideki Matsui and Sooner.

Spice or food names: Paprika, Pepper, Cinnamon, Chili, Sugar, Jasmine, Cucumber, Cracker, Doritos, Peanut, Oreo, Twix, Chutney, Dumpling, Catsup, Sweet Potato, Blueberry, Gravy, Candy, Honey, Godiva, Cookie, Cupcake, Cocoa, Coke, Toffee, Mr. Peanut, Butters, Root Beer, Grey Poupon, Puddin, Cream, Pumpkin, Bon Bon, Keebler, Pancake, Marshmellow, Chilli Pepper, Pea Pods, Kittles, Basil, Pickel, Peanut Butter, Sage, Jelly, Bagel, Tapiocoa, Beans, Cheese, Sherbert, Biscuit, Olive, Muffin, Licorice, Starbuck, Hershey, Brownie, Fudge, French Vanilla, Tater, Mocha, Sugar Cookie and Spice.

Train names: Frisco, Katy, Chief and Zephyr.

Odd names: Freak, No Ear, Snots and Skunks, Dammitt, Chainsaw, Moose, Motor Mount, Dweezle, Trouble, Half Pint, Memes, Little Bit, Kitten Power, Jinx, Mouse, Blue, Sneezer, Rabbit, NayNay, Two Tone and First Noel.

Endearment names: Momma, Buddy, Bubba, Baby Girl, China Doll, Muschka, Precious, Miracle, Diamond, Sweetie, Daddy, Sweet Pea, Smoochy, Puddy Tat, Tiny Kitten, Beautiful, Sis, Pretty, Sweet Heart, Valentine, Snookums, Baby Love, Brother Cat, Romeo, and Cocoa Bear.

Alcoholic drinks: Tequilla Sunrise, Jack Daniels, Champagne, Kahlua, Ambrosia, Guiness, Captain Morgan, and Brandy.

Royal or noble names: Prince, Princess, Duchess, Fergie, Sir Thomas, Sir Oliver Waldo Stubbs, Harry, Dyna, Peter, George, Duke, Sir Francis, Sir Charles, Prince Tulip, Sir Winston, Prince Custard and Queen Sheba.

Scary names: Devil, Spook, Spider, Lucifer, Freddy, Casper, Boo, Kitty Raptor, Dexter, Gremlin, Boris, Boo Boo, Loco, Danger, Killer, Phantom, Zombie Jacobi, Damien and Monstor.

Men’s names: LeRoy, Miles, Lou, Simon, Teddy, Chester, Old Greg, Elwood, Jake, Hugh, Leo, Harley, Benny, Brandon, Nigel, Victor, Andy, Chuck, Max, Jerry, Sam, Barney, Toby, Fred, Larry, Oscar, Monty, Marvin, Fred, Mike, Cam, Andy, Travis, Lewis, Lloyd, Duncan, Levi, Steve, Gus, Wally, Clyde, Gary, Ralph, Daryl, Carl and Walt.

Women’s names: Bella, Millie, Sadie, Daisy, Adriana, Zoe, Nola, Lala, Monique, Molly, Gigi, Opal, Nora, Ruby, Jackie, Sue, Phoebe, Chloe, Rosie, Josie Mae, Rita, Sylvie, Ava, Libby, Simone, Meg, Moxie, Hazel, Adeline, Emmaline, Annabelle, Maggie Mae, Ramona, Crystal, Twyla, Becky, Sophia, Sophie, Belle, Sassy, Sadie, Gracie, Boots, Jack, Pepper, Maggie and Isabella.

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