This burger from King’s Sandwich Shop in Iola is one of the state’s best, according to a new list. Courtesy photo
This burger from King’s Sandwich Shop in Iola is one of the state’s best, according to a new list. Courtesy photo

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Dining With Denise Neil

The 10 best burgers in Kansas: Did this list get it right?

By Denise Neil

December 11, 2017 11:22 AM

It seems like “10 best” lists are a dime a dozen in the age of the Internet, and a new one claiming to know the best restaurants in the state comes out every week.

But one that was just published grabbed my attention, perhaps because the list was dealing with such a dead serious topic: The 10 best burgers in Kansas.

This list, put together by a group called Best Things Kansas, includes several popular Wichita restaurants, including Dempsey’s Burger Pub at No. 2, Big Larry’s in Valley Center at No. 6 and the ever-popular Bomber Burger at No. 8. Several of those restaurants have shared the list on their Facebook pages this week.

It also includes a few famous Kansas burgers most people know about and have tried, including Salina’s Cozy Inn sliders at No. 3.

This list intrigued me because it also included a few burgers I’ve not heard of or have never had a chance to try. Anyone who’s going to be traveling the state over Christmas might want to go out of their way to try the No. 1 burger, which comes from The Burger Stand at the Casbah on Massachusetts Street in Lawrence. (I worked right next door at The Buckle during college, but they weren’t serving burgers back then.) According to the list, the burgers from this restaurant are tasty, and the service and atmosphere are top rate, too.

I’m also intrigued by Chuckburger in Topeka, a tiny drive-through/walk-up shop that’s been in business since 1955, which ranks at No. 4, and King’s Sandwich Shop in itty bitty Iola. The restaurant, which ranks at No. 10 on the list, also been around since 1955 and is famous for its triple cheeseburger.

Check out the list and tell me who you think is missing.

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