A screenshot from Maximum James and Blake Draper’s “QuikTrip” video. Screenshot
A screenshot from Maximum James and Blake Draper’s “QuikTrip” video. Screenshot

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Keeper of the Plans

Love QuikTrip? So do these local teens, and they made a rap about it

January 03, 2018 11:30 AM

It’s not an advertisement for QuikTrip, but it might as well be.

Over the weekend, local teens Maximum James and Blake Draper released a QuikTrip-themed music video that’s finding a wide audience on social media.

The video, simply titled “QuikTrip,” has 420,000 views as of Wednesday and has been shared thousands of times.

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It’s not particularly earth-shattering; the song features lyrics like “Tell me where you go for the snacks? I go to QuikTrip. Tell me where you go for the gas? I go to QuikTrip.”

Maybe it’s the dance moves the two are busting in the video? Maybe there are just legions of QuikTrip lovers out there.

“We love QuikTrip, dude,” James said. “We go to QuikTrip all the time – we have the app and it would sometimes give us free food. All school lunch last year, we’d walk over to QuikTrip with free coupons.

“They’ve always helped us out when we were starving.”

The two filmed the video at about six different QuikTrip locations – they had to film in multiple stores because their in-store antics would cause “awkward tension,” James said.

“We went around to every QuikTrip that looked the most dead, because we didn’t want to get anybody in it,” he said. “We were trying not to do all this crazy stuff in front of a bunch of people.”

James, a hobbyist video-maker and senior at Wichita West High School, said he didn’t anticipate the popularity of the QuikTrip video. He also said, with a laugh, that he hopes the gas station doesn’t take legal action.

“If QuikTrip wants to sponsor us and give us free hot dogs for life, that’d be awesome,” he said. “ I tattooed the QuikTrip logo on my friend last year to try to get a sponsorship that way – but that was a little too extreme.”

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